Apparently, marijuana is getting a makeover it’s not sure it may have needed. Similar to how ordinary, regular shit like bread or hamburgers become “artisanal” simply because someone had a tender look in their eyes when they were creating it, marijuana has up and gone all uber hipster on us.

Well, at least that was my initial snarky reaction after reading that two new “eco-friendly” marijuana collectives swept the Bay Area’s 9th Annual San Francisco Patients’ Choice last Saturday. But who am I to hate? I’m a consumer, not an innovator, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t all for innovation.

So it should it come as no surprise that in the ever-evolving landscape of ganja marketing, first place in Indica strains went to Berkeley’s “Clean Green-certified” C.R.A.F.T. Collective for their Raspberry Cookies. The Clean Green-certified, delivery-only collective also snagged first place in the Sativa (Super Lemon Haze), Hybrid (Tahoe Chem) and High CBD (CBD OG) flower categories for good measure.

What exactly is “Clean Green”, since I’ve already referred to them twice without a link? According to their website “Clean Green is an independent, 3rd-party certification growers can get to ensure patients their product is pesticide-free and sustainably grown”.

The San Francisco event was apparently a gorgeous one. Staged at the ultra chic Terra Gallery in SOMA, it was a dizzying day-long cannabis exhibition paired with local food and entertainment from Mystic Roots, Selekta Lou, Red Hots Burlesque and Manicato.

Featured were a burgeoning array of weed related products such as app-based marijuana delivery services, micro-dosed edibles and super-discrete vape pens for the stealth smoker.

Several hundred medical cannabis cognoscenti’s mingled on Rincon Hill, while outdoors a special exhibition patio for folks with cannabis cards was utilized throughout the day.

The Green Cross were the ones who really got the festivities fired when staff pulled out and torched a half-pound joint of primo OG Kush (rumored to cost somewhere around $900 greenbacks) at 4:20 p.m. sharp.

In regards who to else won big that night, the Best Medical Edible trophy went to IncrediMeds for their Milk Chocolate Bar with Toffee Pieces. IncrediMeds also took Best Sativa and High CBD edible.

In the topicals category, the Green Cross’ Avocado Body Balm took first, with Xternal’s Rub taking second and HealTHCare’s All-Over Body Butter taking third. Here’s the full list of winners.

Something unique about this Bay Area competition is that unlike other competitions where judges, who may or may not have actual expertise in a certain area but can still decide your fate, patients choose who wins and who doesn’t.

Anyone who buys a Judge’s Pack — which costs several hundred dollars more than an 8th of weed — becomes eligible to vote in the competition.  So you could say the people have spoken, and they’ve all told me to take my snarky comment and shove it.

— Petey Wheatstraw,