What’s a medical cannabis competition in San Francisco like? Relaxed. Dark. And surprisingly un-smoky, believe it or not. Think vapor bags — lots and lots of vapor bags. Like, an unending parade of 6-foot vapor bags, passed around for six hours at Cafe Cocomo on Sunday evening at the sixth annual Patient’s Choice Medical Cannabis Competition.

There was that. There was a few jokes from the lovely and charming comedian Shanti Charan. And apparently, potheads make bad superheroes. Here are a few fleeting scenes, plus where to obtain the best cannabis in the Bay Area, and the winners listed after the jump.

  • 1st Place: (101) Strawberry Cough, Larry Bollman, The Green Diamond Collective
  • 2nd Place: (125) Dutch Treat, Kevin Brown, Mission Organics
  • 3rd Place: (104) Animal Cookies, Fortune Wellness Center


  • 1st Place: (306) Dark Chocolate Caramel, The Green Cross, Incredimeds
  • 2nd Place (305) Bhang Bite, Jon Paul, Bhang Chocolate
  • 3rd Place (307) Strawberry Gummies, The Green Cross, Incredimeds

— Chris RobertsHuffingtonPost.com